Meldoy Chua


Flutist and composer Melody Chua has a deep passion for the contemporary arts and seeks to expand the development of cross-disciplinary works through regular collaborations with composers and other artists.

Melody is a J. William Fulbright Scholar and Swiss Government Excellence Scholar at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK), studying classical and contemporary flute performance, with a concentration in electroacoustic music composition. She is currently collaborating with the ZHdK Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology, Dr. Benjamin D. Whiting, and Professor Matthias Ziegler in the construction of a sensor-augmented electroacoustic flute.

Melody has performed across the United States and abroad, including the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab, Chicago Cultural Center, the 2017 E-Werk Freiburg Art Birthday Celebration, Grolloo/Netherlands International Flute Seminar, Project Trio Festival in New York City, the Chicago Academy for the Arts, and as a fellowship recipient at the Atlantic Music Festival Future Music Lab, an official collaboration with IRCAM Paris.

Melody is the co-founder of Null-state, a non-profit enterprise which functions as 1. a research and development organization for the sensor-augmented flute, 2. a live-electronics/live-coding performance ensemble, and 3. an educational platform for giving workshops and courses on live-electronic performance. Melody is also the Web Manager and Content Assistant at FluteXpansions, an online educational platform for contemporary flute playing techniques.