Meldoy Chua


MELODY CHUA is an interdisciplinary flutist and composer specializing in interactive performance mediums and improvisation with electronics. Challenging traditional concert formats and instrument design, she co-created the Chaosflöte, a sensor-augmented flute for immersive, audiovisual performances. Having received a Fulbright Scholarship toward the instrument’s development, she actively performs and gives lectures across the U.S. and Europe.

Her current research focuses on the creative applications of “intelligent machines” in improvised performance and their impact on our perception of human vs. machine performance aesthetic. She created A•I•Y•A, an improvisation machine used in Chaosflöte performances.

Exploring interactivity outside of the flute, Melody has created works for 360o touchscreens, motion-capture dance performances, and for pressure-sensitive shoes. Melody is the co-founder of the music technology non-profit Null- state, Inc. (