on body awareness and stage enxiety

Friday, October 3, 2014 – 6:15 – 7:45 – Grand-Champ theater

Explore ways to bring movement and ease into your practise, performance and teaching. Tune body, mind, and spirit, get in balance,and play the flute with a smile.

We will explore movement and enhance awareness for breathing and posture. We will do exercises to observe relax and develop body feeling and self awareness. We will learn how to get in contact with our body and mind (including the Dynamic Integration Method after Ruth Gruehling).

Increased awareness will enable us  to facilitate a more open path towards learning and performing. We will connect this experience to stage anxiety and stage presence and go on to mental training possibilities and ways of including both brain parts to develop more and more of your potential as a person and musician. We will have time for questions and discuss how to tap into our deepest concentration, how to access and experience the joy of playing and expressing music on stage as much as possible.

Bring your flute, a towel to be on the floor and comfortable warm closing.