Geoff Warren Quartet

Geoff Warren | flutes

Raffaele Pallozzi | piano

Marco Di Marzio | bass

Bruno Marcozzi | drums

An Italian group from the Abruzzo region lead by English jazz flautist Geoff Warren. The quartet offers a repertoire consisting mainly of compositions by the leader.

Warren, among the principle figures in jazz flute in Europe has been described by Falaut magazine (journal of the Italian Flute Society) as “one of the most representative jazz flautists of the 21st century.”

The group has recently released its first CD, entitled “The Quartet Album” , on the UK lable FMR. Warren’s compositions contain allusions to British folk music and a strong influence from jazz-rock of the “Canterbury Scene” of the ‘seventies. Together with these emotions the group also expresses itself via the propulsive swing of modern jazz.

Jazz critic and author Duncan Heining in his review for All About Jazz, has spoken of the “virtuoso playing and excellent writing.”