Jazz flute

Saturday, october 4, 2014 • 2:30 – 5:30 pm • Expo venue, Grand-Champ

Creative and improvized flute

During the second part of the 20iest century, the occidental Boehm flute has devolopped exponentially. New techniques have appeared to widen the sound palette for the composers and improvisors. With it’s diversity, flute has spread over all the continents.

Even if the flute is not a king instrument in this domain, jazz is well representated with flutists like Humert Laws, herbie Mann or James Newton. Thanks to their personnality, the jazz flute has found it’s place.

In rock music, it is Ian Anderson with the groupe “Jetro Tull” who puts forward the color of “singing playing”, mixing this with very particular high harmonics.

With all these influences, the 21iest century announces the befinning of a new history of flute. The technique evoluate with the “beatbox flute”, popularized by american flutist Greg Patillo, and the role of this instrument finds a new place in the music of today, for example in hiphop or electro music.

The developping of new styles of music and improvisation, the futur of the flute has a huge new territory to explore.

A new generation of flutists is growing, taking more time for the music of today and improvisation.

To know what happens next, it is your turn to put your flute and music competences at the service of your creativity. Welcome for this new adventure.