Sunday, October 5, 2014 • 5:00 pm • Grand-Champ theater

Matthias plays the world première of Sunrise, for quartertone flute, contrabass flute and orchestra from Sophie Dufeutrelle

L’Orchestre de Chambre de Genève – Philippe Bernold, conductor – Matthias Ziegler, flute


• Carl Philip Emanuel Bach – Concerto in A Major – Sarah Rumer
• Wa Mozart – Divertimento K. 251
• André Jolivet – concerto for flute et string orchestra – José-Daniel Castellon
• WA Mozart – Andante and Rondo – Michel Bellavance
• Sophie Dufeutrelle – Sunrise – Matthias Ziegler

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Matthias Ziegler, flute

Having played contemporary music for years, Matthias Ziegler has created his own soundworld on the electroaccoustic flute and bassflute (flutes with built in microphones).

Contemporary music often aks for sonic areas that have never been really experienced before.
Having to perform extended techniques like whistle, tongue ram, slap tongue, circular breathing, multiphonics etc. players usually just follow the composers instructions carefully, hoping that the result will be the music. This situation lead to the electroaccoustic flute.

Amplifying the flute in a particular way makes it possible to increase the volume of the microsound structures inside the flute to an audible level. It is as if you would look at the instrument through a magnifiying glass. There is a whole orchestra inside the flute.

This new soundworld opens new possibilities for composers as well as for improvised music.

To make them availabel for composers, Matthias Ziegler wrote a lexicon—every single sound with dynamic range, how long I could do it, and how to notate it—and recorded it.

Through his work Matthias Ziegler pushed the envelope of possibilities on these flutes and created not only a whole new world of sounds, but new musically satisfying applications of these sounds.  In his solo appearances, he mostly performs his own compositions, which are organized around a basic structure with room for improvised variation.