competition rules and regulations

The competition is organized by the Association La Côte Flûte Festival


October 1-4, 2020

Competition: October 1-3, 2020

Award Ceremony: October 4, 2020 – 2PM


Conservatoire de l’Ouest Vaudois (Nyon) and Grand-Champ Theater (Gland)


September 1st, 2020. Registration through the online form only.


The candidates can accept or refuse that their image is published publicly, through videos or photos.

The competition are open to the public.

The decisions of the jury are final; when registering to the competiton, the cadidates accepts these rules and regulations.


The candidates must have the original scores of ALL the pieces, even if they play by heart. Not possessing the original scores will result in exclusion from the competition, with no possible reimbursement.


The piano accompaniments are included in the registration fee; the candidates of the Category A benefit from one 30 minutes rehearsal. The candidates of Categories A and B can come with their own accompanist.

Accompaniment from other instruments:

The competition won’t privide players others than pianist or other instruments for the free piece. If the candidate chooses a free piece with other instruments than piano, he will have to provide himself the player and instruments.


The organisers will not be responsible for any claims concerning the participants and auditors, minor or adult, as well as in case of theft or deterioration of instruments or personal belongings.


  • Category A – Expert
    • Connaisseurs: candidates born after 01.10.2010
    • Chevronnés (Seasonned): candidates born after 01.10.2006
    • Émérites (Distinguished): candidates born after 01.10.2003
  • Category B –Flute Fan (candidates born after 01.10.2003)
    • Largo: 1 year of flute
    • Larghetto: 2-3 years of flute
    • Adagietto: 3-4 years of flute
    • Andante: 5-6 years of flute
    • Allegretto: 6-7 years of flute
    • Allegro: 7-8 years of flute
    • Presto: 8 and + years of flute
  • Category C – Tutti (candidates born after 01.10.2003) • Flute ensembles or mixed instruments with flute
    • Lutins (Elves): 2-4 years of instrument
    • Farfadets (Leprechauns): 4-6 years of instrument
    • Enchanteurs (Sorcerers) : 7-8 ad + years of instrumen

For the choice of category, the teacher/candidate will make sure that he doesn’t register below his actual level. Age does not have relevance in the choice of categories B and C, however, the organisers and jury reserve the right to upgrade a candidate who is obviously too advanced for the chosen category.


  • Category A – Expert
    • Connaisseurs: 4 min. maximum
    • Chevronnés: 6 min. maximum
    • Émérites: 8 min. maximum
  • Category B – Flut Fan
    • after mandatory repertoire
  • Category C – Tutti
    • Lutins: 4 min. maximum
    • Farfadets: 6 min. maximum
    • Enchanteurs: 8 min. maximum

Registration fee

  • Catégorie A: 80.- CHF
  • Catégorie B: 60.- CHF
  • Catégorie C: 40.- CHF per person

The registration will be validated upon receipt of the registration fee by bank transfer.

the registration fee includes a pianist, the flute choir workshop and festival pass. Category A: 30 minutes rehearsal with pianist included.

Bank information

From abroad:

Name and address of bank: PostFinance SA Mingerstrasse 20
 3030 Berne

Beneficiary name: La Côte Flûte Festival –  1196 Gland

Swift code/BIC: POFI CH BE

 CH97 0900 0000 1214 4919 0

Account number: 12-144-919-0

From Switzerland:

CCP 12-144919-0

 CH97 0900 0000 1214 4919 0