The project

La Côte Flûte Festival gives a tribute to Aurèle in three phases:

  1. First of all, the 2016 edition of the festival has been dedicated to him. A conference and two concerts have been given in his memory.
  2. The Label Premiers Horizons has released a double CD of recordings from Aurèle Nicolet.
  3. A book – including testimonies and archives – will be published in Fall 2017

The first subscribers of the brochure will receive a book at the time of its release in 2017. Thank you to our first subscribers for your trust!

A second subscription will take place in  2017.

  • Double CD Aurèle Nicolet - label Premiers Horizons
    img_3092The flute world lost on January 29, 2016, one of its most important representatives in music history. It goes without saying that Aurèle Nicolet was an exceptional musician and virtuoso, but more than that, he was also a tremendous artist because of his artistic philosophy, and the importance he always gave to the place Art and its evolution in our society.

    Many of today’s greatest flute players took lessons from him and recognize his crucial influence, not olny for themselves but for the whole musical world: his superb career did much for the popular success of the flute, his implication in contemporary music was a decisive one, his culture and deep thinking inspired generations of musicians – whether flutists or not.

    Denis Verroust, September 2016