Carlos Cano | Hernán Milla

Flute and piano

“Por la rivera de Paquito” is the last album by Carlos Cano and Hernán Milla. It was premiered in may 2017 in New York City, and it has earned international recognitions like the Gold Medal at the Global Music Awards, the Akademia Award (USA) and the “Melómano de Oro” (Spain). Since 2007, they have consolidated a binomial whose work has fructified in numerous proposals, taking the music as a starting point and vehicle for transmitting an artistic and human ideology encompassing actions of very different nature, magnitude, styles and targets.

In 2013, with a group of artists and pedagogues, founded “Veleta Roja” Association, an institution which carries out artistic, educational and social entrepreneurship projects, research tasks and also recording and publishing productions.

As a duo, their proposal focuses on the rescue, innovation and expansion of the repertoire for flute and piano. His first album, “20th Century Spanish Music for Flute and Piano” (2014), the result of a research project about the Spanish music of the 20th Century and legendary flutist Rafael Lopez del Cid, was presented in Seville during the 3rd National Flute Convention organized by AFE. This album contains some pieces that were for the first time recorded on a CD.

This work meant also the “premiere” of “Veleta Roja” as Publishing house, was the subject of several research articles in journals such as “Tempo Flute” (France), “Flute Talk Magazine” (USA) or “Todo Flauta” (Spain), and earned very good reviews in the music press.

The duo has performed in several Spanish cities such as Madrid, Paris, Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Toledo or Ciudad Real, as well as live performances for National Radio of Spain

Cano and Milla have also composed and produced the music for the album “Donde nace la luz” (2012), nominated for the International Award in Cubadisco Festival of Havana and the CD-book “Canciones y palabras” (2015) nominated for the Latin Grammys in 2016. Both works have been developed together with Cuban poet Aldo Méndez, with whom they also share various artistic proposals aimed at different audiences, integrating music and storytelling. It is also remakable the production of the album “Malagasy Gospel & Kilema” (2015).