Carole Reuge

Carole Reuge is an independant flutist, pedagog and event producer.

She is the initiator and director of “la Côte Flûte Festival”, Switzerland’s leading flute festival and convention. With around 1300 visitors, 32 exhibitors, around 180 artists and nearly 50 sponsors/partners, the first edition of this new event has been a huge success in October 2014, and will take place biannually (

Carole Reuge also regularly performs flute concerts, in Europe and America, including recitals, chamber music, and as a soloist with orchestra performances.

Among other projects, she has developed the concert concept «The Swiss Touch!» to promote the flute repertoire of Swiss composers.

This project has already taken flight internationnaly, with the première of the programme for flute and piano, with swiss pianist Aydin Arslan, that was given at the Canadian Flute Conventien in June 2015. The second component of this program is a repertoire for 2 flutes and organ, with flutist Sophie Dufeutrelle and organist Dario Alasia, and will be given for the first time in november 2015 in Switzerland. The project will evolve over time, and propose a wide spectrum of the swiss music for flute, vith various programmes and ensembles.

Born in 1973, Carole Reuge studied flute in Switzerland, where she obtained the diplôme d’enseignement (master in music pedagogy) from the Conservatory of Lausanne (HEMU) and the diplôme de virtuosité (master in performance) from the La Chaux-De-Fonds Conservatory in 2002, with Michel Bellavance.

She also studied flute through master classes and exchanges between music schools with José-Daniel Castellon (F), Philippa Davies (UK), Sophie Dardeau (F), Andràs Adorjan (D), and Ricardo Ghianni (I). From 1998 to 2002, she studied music interpretation whith Canadian pianist Marc Bourdeau.

In 2006, she created À Travers, the music studio she operates from her hometown in Gland, Switzerland. She teaches flute through private lessons, workshops and summer classes. With three teachers, enrollment at the studio totals about 40 students, including children and adult classes. À Travers flute students, and piano students – coached by Carole Reuge in piano accompaniment – have been recognized for their accomplishments, including prizes awarded in 2008, 2010 and 2012 from the Swiss Fondation for Youth Music Competition.

In addition to her native French, Carole Reuge is fluent in English and German, and conversant in Italian.