Tribute to Aurèle Nicolet – music and readings of the correspondance between Frederic II and Voltaire.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

8:30 PM

Grand-Champ Theater | Gland


Marc Yeats | world première, 3 short pieces | Eva Amsler, flute – the Dorian Consort

JS Bach | Musical Offering, Triosonata – largo, allegro, andante, allegro | Eva Amsler, the Dorian Consort

Frédéric II | sonate | Eva Amsler, the Dorian Consort

CPE Bach | Concerto in D minor – allegro, un poco andante, allegro di molto | Philippe Bernold, the Dorian Consort

JJ Quantz | Concerto for 2 flutes in G minor – allegro, amoroso con sordini, presto | Philippe Bernold, Eva Amsler, the Dorian Consort

Readings of extracts from the correspondance between Frederik II and Voltaire | Ania Temler, Gérard Demierre


Eva Amsler | flute

Philippe Bernold | flute

The Dorian Consort | chamber ensemble

Gérard Demierre | scenery – comedian

Ania Temler | comedian

Marc Yeats | composer

Marc Yeats, compositeur

Marc Yeats’ music is performed, commissioned and broadcast worldwide. Transduction, complex surface relationships, asynchronous alignments, contextual, harmonic and temporal ambiguities, polarised intensities and a visceral joy of sound are all primary concerns. ….‘how sour sweet music is, When time is broke and no proportion kept!’…. (William Shakespeare: Richard II, 5.5.42-9) Marc Yeats is a composer and visual artist. His intense music has received performances and broadcast around the world.

Marc is Composer-in- Residence to the Observatory 2015/16. Marc Yeats is Composer-in-Association with Chamber Cartel (Atlanta US) read more here Marc is proud to be a Sound and Music Composer Curator for the 2014/15 season.